The Pojo

The Pojo is one of the largest and most well-known Pokémon fan sites online. Although it is very well known, at this current point in time, the Pokémon fan base on the forums has become lessened. Now a business, the Pojo was created in 1999 by Bill Gill.

The Pojo is one of the early rivals of The PokéGym.

Pojo formerly ran a Pokémon Card of the Day feature, where reviewers would rate a card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game each day on its quality in the Standard, Expanded, Legacy, Theme, and Limited formats. Some entries would count down a list of cards, where the list would be about the best cards of a set, the best cards released in a given year, or the best cards rotating out of Standard. The list on Pojo is a combination of lists sent in by each reviewer. The Pokémon Card of the Day feature has since been discontinued.

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