The PokéGym

The PokéGym was one of the original online Pokémon Trading Card Game strategy websites. It was created in 1999 by Brian Brokaw as part of The Psylum Network. After Brian left in the same year, Tyais took it over and stayed with it until around 2002.

In 2001, The Psylum Network was shut down by USA Network, who had recently bought the network, leaving The PokéGym without a home. Wizards of the Coast agreed to take over the forums and used it as a foundation to start the Wizard Community message board system. The PokéGym was renamed The Wizards' PokéGym.

When Wizards of the Coast lost the Pokémon TCG license in 2003, ownership of the PokéGym forums were transferred to Team Compendium, who presently run the forum to this day.



  • Big Daddy Snorlax
  • bulbasnore
  • CameraMan
  • Chairman Kaga
  • Chrisbo
  • EeveeLover
  • Gym Leader Blaine
  • paint panic
  • PokePop

Global Moderators

  • BJJ763
  • P_A
  • SD PokéMom


  • Azure Kite
  • DukeFireBird
  • ensignmerlin
  • evil psyduck
  • Heatherdu
  • KingGengar
  • Lucario EX
  • MrMeches
  • PokeDaddy
  • pokemonmike
  • Prime
  • Rogue Archetype
  • secretsof2113
  • ultimatedra
  • bullados
  • Magic Umbreon
  • Prima

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