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Trainer's Guide: Form differences

  • While there are 649 officially recognized species of Pokémon, with most members of an individual species looking relatively similar to one another, several Pokémon species have remarkable differences in appearance between members.
  • Among these are several legendary Pokémon, whose unique forms can be changed between at will, and are spelled officially as "Formes".
  • Unown was the first known Pokémon to have multiple forms in the games. From the species' debut in Generation II, each Unown would have an appearance similar to that of one of the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet. In Generation III, two more forms were added, corresponding to the question mark and exclamation point.
  • The Generation I Pokédex entries for Arbok state that there are six variations of markings on its belly that differ between areas. Eight designs are known, but only four have appeared in the games, and only three of which appeared in main series games. In Pokémon Adventures, Arbok gains a special ability depending on its pattern.
  • Like Unown, Spinda has many visual variations in its species, all involving the placement of its spots. Like Unown's letter, the spot placement is generated based on the individual's personality value, and likewise, has no effect on the Pokémon's stats.