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This template generates a chart box for displaying Pokémon information.



Template fields

  • field 1 (image filename) - The name of the Pokémon's image file.
  • field 2 (Pokémon species name) - The Pokémon's species name.
  • field 3 (Pokémon type 1) - The Pokémon's primary type
  • field 4 (Pokémon type 2) - The Pokémon's secondary type, if it has one.
  • field 5 (Background color template name) - The name of the desired background color scheme for the box.
  • field 6 (Evolution label or lower caption) (optional) - A caption that appears below the Pokémon's name. This is often used for evolution stage labeling. Defaults to "Does not evolve".
  • field 7 (Upper caption) (optional) - A caption that appears above the Pokémon image.
  • field 8 (Image alt text) (optional) - Alt text for the image. This will display if the image is hovered over.
  • form (optional) - The name of the Pokémon's form, if it has one. This displays under the species name.


Mega Venusaur

{{Evobox/Setup|HOME0003M|Venusaur|Grass|Poison|Fire|<!--no evolution label-->|Venasaurite|Mega Venusaur|form=Mega Venusaur}}
Mega Venusaur
Mega Venusaur
 Grass  Poison