Team Medallion

The Team Medallion (Japanese: チームへんこう メダリオン Team Change Medallion) is an item in Pokémon GO introduced on February 26, 2019 [1]. It's a single-use item that allows a player to change teams. It is available in the Shop for PokéCoin.png1,000 and can only be purchased once every 365 days.

The Team Medallion in Pokémon GO


Games Description
GO A unique coin that enables a Trainer to change teams. A Team Medallion can only be purchased from the shop once per 365 days.
Confirmation: You will not be able to purchase another Team Medallion for another 365 days. Your Pokémon currently defending Gyms won’t earn PokéCoins when they’re defeated.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 轉隊獎章 Jyún Deuih Jéungjēung
Mandarin 轉隊獎章 Zhuǎn Duì Jiǎngzhāng
  French Médaillon d’équipe
  German Team-Medaillon
  Italian Medaglione delle squadre
  Korean 팀 변경 메달리온 Tim Byeongyeong Medallion
  Brazilian Portuguese Medalhão de Equipe
  Spanish Medallón de Equipos
  Thai เหรียญรางวัลเปลี่ยนทีม Rianrangwan Plian Thim