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Team Compendium is a Pokémon TCG player organization formed to record and catalogue all the official rulings concerning the Pokémon TCG. The collection of these rulings is called The Compendium There are five versions of The Compendium, which are named after different mechanics from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. (The exception is The Compendium BW, which is named after the set's name.) All but the last version consist of a single HTML page. The final Compendium, The Compendium VMAX, is a full website.

  • The Compendium, covering the game during the time it was managed by Wizards of the Coast. The Wizards of the Coast Rules Team created the rulings seen in this Compendium. Sets go from Base Set to Skyridge.
  • The Compendium EX, covering the game after Nintendo took control of the game. The Pokémon Company International administers the new rulings contained in this Compendium and onward. Sets go from Base Set to Secret Wonders
  • The Compendium Lv. X, covering further releases of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Sets go from Base Set to Black & White.
  • The Compendium BW, which covers the modern era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game started by Black & White. Sets go from Base Set to Darkness Ablaze.
  • The Compendium VMAX, which covers the entire game. It has rulings from all sets and is continually updated as sets release and rulings are published.

The Compedium's rulings are sorted into the categories of Abilities, Attacks, Energy, Errata, Gameplay, Meta-Rulings, Team Battle, and Trainers.

The group also owns and operate The PokéGym, which they had acquired in 2003.

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