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{{tt|Honestly, I didn't steal this from [[User:Kkllnn|Kkllnn]]!|Yes, I did. He desrves credit for the awesome idea.}}
*redirecting from Japanese-character name to whatever English page/disambig
Yes! Every signle Pokémon's kanji name links to either the main article or the disambig -- now to do all the moves...
===Locations Without Japanese Names:===
*Berry Forest
*Birth Island
*Boon Island
*Cerulean Cape
*Citadark Isle
*Chrono Island
*Dotted Hole
*Floe Island
*Fortune Island
*Kin Island
*Knot Island
*Lost Cave
*MooMoo Farm
*Mt. Ember
*Mt. Moon Square
*Navel Rock
*Pattern Bush
*Pokémon League Reception Gate
*Pyrite Cave
*Radio Tower (Kanto)
*Ribbon Syndicate
*Rocket Hideout (Kanto)
*Rocket Hideout (Johto)
*Sea Cottage
*Seaside Cycling Road
*Tanoby Chambers
*Underground Path (Goldenrod)