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Well...I'm LordArceus! This is my name on a bunch of different games and stuff. I play all the main series games, I used to collect/play the TCG...really the only part of the Pokéverse I dislike is the anime (even that I can enjoy with the movies). As far as Bulbapedia goes, I started Project SpriteDex, I helped with a somewhat ridiculous Japanese name redirect project, and I go around cleaning up the often atrocious grammar of various articles.


What?! LordArceus overcame his laziness and added usertags?! Speaking of laziness, I will eventually organize these into show/hide lists.

  This user is Arceus, the Original One.
  This user identifies as male.
  This user aspires to be an administrator..
  This user knows what he is talking about.
  This user's favorite color is black.
  This user is intelligent.
  This user is a Pisces.
  This user's favorite form of Arceus is ??? Arceus.
  This user has a Darkrai.
  This user has a Mew.
  This user has a Deoxys.
  This user is a slacker.
  This user's Wii friend code for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is 1504-5400-1546.
  This user is a member of Project SpriteDex.
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Please note that none of the sections of this userpage are anywhere near complete.


Current Projects


  • Japanese kanji-to-English letters redirects. Kkllnn deserves the most credit for these, however.