Difference between revisions of "SM057"

Rotom travels through the power wires, though it is instantly uncomfortable and thus dragged by the electric current to {{an|Lana}}'s house. There, [[Harper and Sarah]] are talking into a fan, while Lana is busy doing the dishes. Rotom takes control of the fan and notes that he is at Lana's house. Suddenly, Sarah and Harper begin to fight over the fan. In a bid to escape, Rotom starts flying around, though this only amuses the twins, who pursue it. Eventually, the chase ends when Rotom hits a wall and exits the appliance, before again attempting to find the Pokédex by traveling through the overhead power lines.
Rotom returns to Kukui's house, but finds itself stuck in the television set. It calls out, only to receive no answer, After flicking through some channels, Rotom exits the TV through a power socket, fearing its Pokédex shell was thrown in the trash. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu, along with Wash Rotom Pokédex, are in [[Hau'oli City]] when Wash Rotom takes a picture of {{p|Marshadow|a mysterious Pokémon}}. Rotom exits a street lamp and also sees it, though it is disappointed that it cannot take a picture before being reabsorbed back into the power grid.
Rotom finds itself now attached to a lawnmower driven by one of {{an|Lillie}}'s housemaids while she sips tea and is reading outside. When it spots Lillie, it rampages towards her, though she and [[Snowy]] flee in fear. Lillie's butler [[Hobbes]] calls on his {{p|Oricorio}} to perform {{m|Revelation Dance}} to end the pursuit. The {{t|Electric}} attack works, as Rotom exits the lawnmower and enters back into the power system.