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Despite its considerable size and strength, it is friendly and careful outside of battle, as seen during its interactions with some of Goh's other Pokémon at the [[Cerise Laboratory]], and doesn't seem to mind the other Pokémon resting on it while it is relaxing. In [[JN038]], Golurk was shown to be mindful of its own strength, heaving a large boulder out of the way for Goh and the others before gently fitting a much smaller stone between its fingertips to examine it for [[fossil]]s. If the seal on its chest is removed, its energy runs wild, and its energy's color turns from yellow to red. This causes it to go on a rampage. While on a rampage, it can cause significant damage to its surroundings, and cause torrential rainfall, just like the move {{m|Rain Dance}}.
It also shows a desire to protect Pokémon that weren't part of lack of food war, as shown when it protected Goh's three {{p|Cascoon}} that were about to get hit with an {{m|Overheat}} from Darmanitan.
===Moves used===