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* The song states that there are "at least 127 more" Pokémon. This is because the number 27 is a running gag within Weird Al's songs.<ref>[ We've Got It All On UHF - The 27 List]</ref> However, there are only 103 more Pokémon left if only [[Generation I]] is counted, and if all [[Generation II]] Pokémon are included then there are 196 remaining Pokémon.
* When ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' is aired in syndication, this is the only ending theme.
* In 2017, Weird Al tried to include the song on ''Medium Rarities'', an exclusive bonus disc consisting of singles and other rare tracks, as part of his compilation box set ''Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic'', but he was denied permission.<ref>[ UPDATE! Mandatory Fun: More Details Emerge About “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Career-Spanning “Squeeze Box” and “Medium Rarities” Bonus Disc]</ref>