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In [[Generation II]], the Steel type was created to balance out the previously overpowered {{t|Normal}} and {{t|Psychic}} types, as both types are resisted by Steel. Although the number of Steel's resistances decreased from 12 to 11 in [[Generation VI]], Steel remains the most resistant type. Steel types also cannot be {{status|poison}}ed (except by {{m|Twineedle}} in Generation II or if poisoned by a Pokémon with {{a|Corrosion}}) or damaged by a {{weather|sandstorm}}.
{{t|Ghost}}/Steel, {{t|Normal}}/Steel, and {{t|Electric}}/Steel are tied for the most resistances, having 12 resistances each, though only {{t|Ghost}}/Steel and {{t|Electric}}/Steel have pokemonPokémon of this type combination <!--as of Generation 7VII-->. The {{t|Ghost}}/Steel type combination, however, is the most resistant type, having 3three immunities.
Steel-type Pokémon, on average, have the highest physical {{stat|Defense}} among all Pokémon and among fully evolved Pokémon. <!--as of Generation 7VII-->
* In Generation II, there is a [[List of glitch types|glitch copy]] of the Steel type, named “l) m) ZM”. The [[????? (Gold/Silver FF)|?????]]{{sup/2|GS}} (hex form FF) is the only Pokémon with this type. This type has no moves.
* Every generation after [[Generation I]] has introduced at least one Steel-type specialist.
* More Pokémon gain the Steel and [[{{t|Flying}} type]]stypes upon evolving than any other type, each with a total of eleven.
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