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'''Kirikiri Mountain''' (Japanese: '''キリキリ山''' ''Mt. Kirikiri'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusion location in [[Hoenn]], found somewhere between [[Littleroot Town]] and [[Fortree City]]. It was featured in ''[[AG076|Me, Myself and Time]]''. The mountain is well known for its thick fog, which often disorientatesleaves travelers disoriented.
==Places of Interest==
===Baltoy civilization ruins===
[[File:Baltoy Civilization.png|thumb|220px|left|The wall from the Baltoy civilization]]
The '''Baltoy civilization ruins''' are a hidden location found within Kirikiri Mountain, only accessible via a tree hollow. Entering the cave, there are glyphs on the wall from thean ancient Baltoy civilization, as well as an ancient structure that, through a {{p|Baltoy}}'s {{m|Rapid Spin}}, allows a person and Pokémon to [[time travel]].
After becomingbeing separated from {{ashfr}}, {{Ash}} encountered {{OBP|Calista|AG076}}, an amateur archaeologist who hoped to find the ancient Baltoy civilization after receiving a peculiar phone call. Together, they met a mysterious woman who guided them through to the ruins, revealing some of the ancient civilization's secrets, including a magic wheel capable ofthe time travel device. The mysterious woman later revealedidentified thatherself sheas wasan in factadult Calista, but from the future before returning back to her own time.