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Kirikiri Mountain
キリキリ山 Mt. Kirikiri
Kirikiri Mountain.png
Kirikiri Mountain
Region Hoenn
Debut Me, Myself and Time

Kirikiri Mountain (Japanese: キリキリ山 Mt. Kirikiri) is an anime-exclusion location in Hoenn, found somewhere between Littleroot Town and Fortree City. It was featured in Me, Myself and Time. The mountain is well known for its thick fog, which often disorientates travelers.

Places of Interest

Baltoy civilization ruins

The wall from the Baltoy civilization

The Baltoy civilization ruins are a hidden location within Kirikiri Mountain, only accessible via a tree hollow. Entering the cave, there are glyphs on the wall from the Baltoy civilization, as well as an ancient structure that, through a Baltoy's Rapid Spin, allows a person and Pokémon to time travel.

After becoming separated from his friends, Ash encountered Calista, an amateur archaeologist who hoped to find the ancient Baltoy civilization after receiving a peculiar phone call. Together, they met a mysterious woman who guided them through to the ruins, revealing some of the ancient civilization's secrets including a magic wheel capable of time travel. The mysterious woman later revealed that she was in fact Calista, but from the future before returning back to her own time.

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