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Darkness (TCG)

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The Darkness type can be seen as the "dark" or "evil" type of the game. For example, since the EX series of the TCG, {{TCG|Dark Pokémon|Pokémon with "Dark" in their names}} and Pokémon belonging to [[Team Rocket]], [[Team Aqua|Aqua]], or [[Team Magma|Magma]] would be both of their natural type and of the Darkness type. Likewise, the Darkness type is used on a number of {{TCG|Special Energy cards}}, such as {{TCG|Aqua Energy}}, {{TCG|Magma Energy}}, {{TCG|Dark Metal Energy}}, {{TCG|R Energy}} and the aforementioned {{Special|Darkness Energy}}.
Starting in {{TCG|Sword & Shield}}, {{type|Poison}} Pokémon are now grouped in with this type.
==Battle properties==
Generally, Darkness Pokémon have a weakness to:
* {{TCG|Fighting}}
* {{TCG|Grass}}
Generally, Darkness Pokémon have a resistance to: