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Ditto (Pokémon)

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{{Bulbanews|Unused Pokémon design revealed in magazine interview}}
In the sixth issue of {{wp|Best Buy}}'s @Gamer magazine, Game Freak developers [[Junichi Masuda]] and [[Ken Sugimori]] revealed that Ditto was originally based on the iconic {{wp|smiley}} face. Its eyes and mouth are exactly like ":)", which is an emoticon representing the smiley.
Additionally, Ditto strongly resembles an ''{{wp|amoeba}}'', a single-celled organism with no definite shape. This may emphasize its ability to alter its cellular composition. This could also explain why Ditto is unavailable through breeding, since single-celled organisms reproduce differently from multi-cellular plants and animals. It also could partially be based on an {{wp|Cellular differentiation|undifferentiated cell}}, a cell in the body that can change into any other cell by sampling it. ItIn couldaddition, alsoit could have been based on a {{wp|blob}}.
====Name origin====