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Swift (move)

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Pokémon GO
|users={{MSP|041|Zubat}}{{MSPtt|084*|DoduoFrom February 16, 2017 onward}}{{MSP|120|Staryu}}{{MSP|133|Eevee}}{{MSP|155|Cyndaquil}}{{MSP|165|Ledyba}}<br>{{MSP|190|Aipom}}{{MSP|309|Electrike}}{{MSP|311|Plusle}}{{MSP|312|Minun}}{{MSP|386S|Deoxys}}{{MSP|403|Shinx}}<br>{{MSP|418|Buizel}}{{MSP|419|Floatzel}}{{MSP|427|Buneary}}{{MSP|480|Uxie}}{{MSP|481|Mesprit}}{{MSP|482|Azelf}}{{MSP|572|Minccino}}
{{MSP|084|Doduo}}{{tt|*|Prior to February 16, 2017}}
*Prior to an update to [[Niantic]]'s servers on July 30, 2016, Swift had a power of 25.
*Prior to an update to [[Niantic]]'s servers on February 16, 2017, Swift had a power of 30, an energy bar of [[File:GO charge 4.png|103px|4]], and a duration of 3.0 seconds.
{{p|Doduo}} may only know this move if it was obtained before February 16, 2017.