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Dia (Alola)

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The battle also attracted Guzzlord's attention, so Dia, Ash, Pikachu, and Zeraora were forced to put a new plan into action, luring Guzzlord to the [[Ultra Wormhole]] below the debris. When they attempted to ensnare the Ultra Beast in Pikachu's {{m|Electroweb}}, Guzzlord fought back. Dia wanted to retreat, but Ash refused to give up. Just when they were about to be consumed by Guzzlord, Tapu Koko appeared and trapped it with its electricity. Tapu Koko reactivated Ash and Dia's Z-Rings, and together, they used their [[Z-Move]]s to push Guzzlord through the Ultra Wormhole. Dia thanked Ash for his help, and realized that it was time for Ash to return to his home world. He and Zeraora battled Ash again, which caused a dimensional rift to open up and allow Ash and Pikachu to return to their home world. The pair said goodbye to Dia and Zeraora and promised to battle them again one day before going their separate ways.
He will reappear in [[SM140]].