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Dia (Alola)

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TenDia yearsis ofa unending crisisgruff and watchingstoic [[Melemeleindividual, Island]]which beingwas devastatedbrought by his experiences with {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Guzzlord}}. madeHowever, Diahe gruffalso andhas stoic.a However, hishidden kindhearted and generous nature soon shone through, as he was eager to share his story with {{Ash}}, in addition to offering him food and shelter. Dia is also very competitive in {{pkmn|battle}}. He used {{p|Zeraora}}'s strong will and power to overwhelm his opponents.
He is also incredibly optimistic and maintained a clear focus on his goal; to send Guzzlord back to its home world. Dia was well aware of the dangers of the situation, hence his initial hesitance and opposition to Ash's assistance. After seeing Ash's performance in battle and strong [[friendship]] with {{AP|Pikachu}}, he allowed Ash to join his mission. Ash served as a catalyst and helped reinvigorate Dia and Zeraora's focus and ambitions.