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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Tucker anime.png|thumb|250px|Tucker in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Tucker appeared in ''[[AG153|Tactics Theatrics!!]]'', where he was shownrevealed to be a superstar with a large fan basefanbase. HeHis ischallenge undoubtedlyconsists theof most famousa [[KantoDouble Battle]], which takes place in the [[FrontierBattle BrainDome]] andin hefront likesof toa makelarge hisaudience. Automatically before the {{pkmn|battle}}s, entertaininghe forallows spectators.challengers Histo battlessend arein knowntheir toPokémon attractfrom theother attentionlocations. ofEven thethough media{{Ash}} was allowed to do this, andhe astill pressused conferencetwo isPokémon heldfrom wheneverhis hecurrent has[[party]], a{{AP|Corphish}} newand challenger{{AP|Swellow}}.
Tucker's challenge consists of a [[Double Battle]], which takes place in the [[Battle Dome]] in front of a large audience. Automatically before the battle, he allows challengers to send in their Pokémon from other locations. Even though {{Ash}} was allowed to do this, he still used two Pokémon from his current [[party]], {{AP|Corphish}} and {{AP|Swellow}}.
Tucker faced off against Ash with his {{p|Arcanine}} and {{p|Swampert}}. Although he was defeated by Ash, he held a strong start for a while with his Pokémon's teamwork and strategy, including the use of the "Fusion of {{t|Fire}} and {{t|Water}}", an advanced combination which involved trapping the opponents in a water and fire whirlwind. Throughout the battle, {{an|May}} was very impressed by Tucker's showmanship skills and noted that his battle with Ash had some similarities to a [[Contest Battle]]. She later adapted his combination technique into her own battling style during the [[Kanto Grand Festival]].
Tucker'sBeing an actor, personaTucker feedslikes intoto the theatrics seen inmake his {{pkmn|battle}}s. Heentertaining commandsfor hisspectators. Pokémon with a confident grace, andHe often brandishes his Pokémon and their attacks with descriptive phrases, for examplelike "Burn with your fiery might, {{p|Arcanine}} use {{m|Flamethrower}}". Tucker's strategy is incrediblybased flexibleon drawing out his opponent's best strategies in order to take them down, and he uses the [[Double Battle]] format to create spectacular and damaging [[move]] combinations. He attempts to draw out his opponent's best strategies in order to take them down. Tucker also prefers to attack in quick succession, and is able to have his Pokémon turn one move into another, such as seen when he turned Arcanine's Flamethrower into a {{m|Fire Blast}}. A challenger must have their Pokémon work in sync and use a gap in Tucker's timing to overcome him in battle.
He is undoubtedly the most famous [[Kanto]] [[Frontier Brain]], and his battles are known to attract the attention of the media. A press conference is held whenever he has a new challenger.
This listing is of Tucker's known {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the {{pkmn|anime}}:
|vajp=Kōichi Sakaguchi
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc={{p|Swampert}} was one of the two Pokémon that {{pkmn|battle}}d againstbattled [[Ash's Corphish]] and {{AP|Swellow}}, and gave {{Ash}} a run for his money. While Swampert was shown to be slower than Arcanineslow, its [[{{stat|defense]]}} worked in perfect combination with {{p|Arcanine}}'s [[{{stat|speed]]}}. In the [[Double Battle]], Swampert's main target was Corphish. Even though it looked bad for AshHowever, after Tucker used the "Fusion of {{t|Fire}} and {{t|Water}}", Corphish and Swellow regained their fighting spirit and came back to winwon the match for {{Ash}}. Swampert was defeated by a devastating {{m|Aerial Ace}} from Swellow.
It also appeared in flashbacks in ''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]'' and ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.
|vajp=Chie Satō
|vaen=Chie Satō
|desc=The other Pokémon Tucker used was {{p|Arcanine}}. {{p|Swampert}} and Arcanine were a perfect combination, taking advantage of Arcanine's [[{{stat|speed]]}} and Swampert's [[{{stat|defense]]}}. Arcanine's incredible agility and speed gave the impression that it could fly, making it an even match against aerial opponents like {{AP|Swellow}}. ItDespite lookednearly badbeing foroverwhelmed {{Ash}} afterbu, Tucker's "Fusion of {{t|Fire}} and {{t|Water}}". However, [[Ash's Corphish]] and Swellow regained their fighting spirit. Corphish used {{m|Bubble Beam}} on Arcanine's Flamethrower to enshroud the whole stadium in a dense fog. As a result, Swellow and Corphish were able to deal the final blows to Tucker's Pokémon, with Arcanine defeated by a devastating {{m|Crabhammer}} from Corphish.
It also appeared in flashbacks in ''[[AG182|Channeling the Battle Zone!]]'' and ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]''.