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Dome Ace Tucker

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In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga
===In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga===
[[File:Tucker CBF.png|thumb|200px|Tucker in the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga]]
Tucker makes an appearanceappeared in ''[[CBF4|Introducing the Frontier Brains!]]'', where he introducesintroduced himself and his two Pokémon (while admiring them) to {{OBP|Enta|CBF}}. He battlesbattled Enta in a Double Battle. He was able to defeat [[Enta's Vulpix]] but lost to his {{p|Feebas}} after it activated {{a|Swift Swim}} when Enta's Vulpix blew a hole in the roof with {{m|Flamethrower}} earlier. Tucker then tellsinformed Enta that his Feebas wouldn't have stood a chance against his Pokémon due to it being ugly. After the battle, Feebas evolvesevolved into {{p|Milotic}}, proving Tucker wrong.