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Matori's Meowth

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Personality and characteristics
Meowth is cunning and decisive in ''[[SM062|Acting True to Form!]]'', where it used Jessie and James to find a place where it belongs. It became a rival to Team Rocket's Meowth, as they both have the same desire to sit on Giovanni's lap. Meowth is quite smart, such as when it realized that Team Rocket was about to be defeated, and promptly left them and Alola for something better.
Meowth is also focused on the job. [[Matori]] and [[Gozu]] were thinking about abandoning the mission whilst lethargic due to {{DL|UltraLight Beaststrio (anime)|Necrozma}} draining Ultra Aura from the adults around the [[region]]. However, Meowth was the one to get them to continue with the mission. Meowth's dedication to the mission was evident in the [[Poké Problem]] segment of ''[[SM088|Full Moon and Many Arms!]]'', where it quickly fixed all of the damages to the Matori Matrix's helicopter without Matori or Gozu realizing it.
Meowth tends to ignore Team Rocket, as seen in ''[[SM102|Alola, Alola!]]'', when they contacted Headquarters and it proceeded to ignore them. This suggests that Meowth has low respect for them like its Trainer.