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In Generation IV, the longer a plant is left with completely dry soil, the lower its final yield will be. A Berry plant must be watered regularly in order to achieve its maximum yield. This varies depending on the Berry and its moisture drain rate.
Using {{DL|Mulch|[[Growth Mulch}}]] or {{DL|Mulch|[[Damp Mulch}}]] before planting a Berry will affect the plant's total growth time and its moisture drain rate. Using Growth Mulch will increase the plant's moisture drain rate by 50% (rounded down), but shorten its growth time to 75% of the normal time. Using Damp Mulch will decrease the plant's moisture drain rate by 50% (rounded down), but lengthen its growth time to 150% of the normal time.
As with Generation III, when a plant is fully grown, the player has an amount of time equal to the full growth time of the plant to pick the Berry; after this time, the plant will return to its sprouting stage. This regrowth can occur up to 9 times (for a total of 10 plantings) before the plant is permanently lost. If {{DL|Mulch|[[Stable Mulch}}]] was used before the Berry was planted, the Berry will remain harvestable for 50% longer. If {{DL|Mulch|[[Gooey Mulch}}]] was used before the Berry was planted, the plant will regrow 14 times (for a total of 15) before being permanently lost.
Every 2 hours after a Berry is planted, weeds may appear around it. Once a Berry grows past its seedling stage, pests may also appear on the plant every 2 hours (as indicated by the plant shaking). Weeds and pests may appear on the same plant (at the same time, even), but more weeds or pests will never appear until the previous ones are removed. Removing weeds and pests from a plant increases its final yield.
Watering also increases a plant's final yield. Soil is either moist or dry, with no point in between. All Berries dry out in the same time if the same Mulch is used on them. With no Mulch, {{DL|Mulch|[[Rich Mulch}}]], or {{DL|Mulch|[[Surprise Mulch}}]], the drying time is 24 hours, while with {{DL|Mulch|[[Boost Mulch}}]] or {{DL|Mulch|[[Amaze Mulch}}]] it is 4 hours.
The number of buds or blossoms that appear on a plant give an indication of its yield; depending on the care the plant receives, that number may change. By default, the number of buds or blossoms is odd, but if there is a mutation, an extra bud will appear, making the number even. A plant with 5 or 6 buds will yield at least <sup>3</sup>/<sub>5</sub> of its maximum yield (not counting mutated Berries), while a plant with 3 or 4 buds will yield less.