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{{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}
==={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}===
[[File:Chimler Chimchar.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Chimchar]]
Chimler first appeared in ''[[PS338|Stagestruck Starly]]'', as one of the three Pokémon given to {{adv|Platinum}} from [[Professor Rowan]]. Platinum sends him out of his {{i|Poké Ball}} alongside [[Tru|Turtwig]] and gives him a [[Pokédex]] for her bodyguards (who will arrive wearing red and green mufflers), and instructs him to give it to whichever one he likes. Matching the description, Chimchar chooses {{adv|Pearl}} as his {{pkmn|Trainer}} and gives him the Pokédex. Right after that, a flock of {{p|Starly}} appear and begin attacking the group, which results in the three starters fighting and defeating them.
In ''[[PS344|Belligerent Bronzor]]'', Chimler battled against [[Mars]] and her {{p|Zubat}} at the [[Valley Windworks]]. Using his superior speed, Chimler quickly defeated the Bat Pokémon.
In ''[[PS346|Ring Around the Roserade I]]'', after leaving the [[Old Chateau]] the group meets [[Gardenia]], who somewhat nudges them into challenging her the next day. The three soon begin training with the starter Pokémon when [[Cynthia]] walks by and notices that the three are going to [[evolution|evolve]]. Quickly after saying this the three evolve, with Chimler evolving into a {{p|Monferno}}.
[[File:Chimler Monferno.png|thumb|150px|left|As a Monferno]]
In ''[[PS356|Magnificent Meditite & Really Riolu I]]'', Pearl buys a [[Zoom Lens]] with [[Coin]]s Platinum won at the [[Veilstone Game Corner]] and suggests that Chimler try using the item since he has such bad aim. Aiming at a tree he fires {{m|Ember}} and nearly hits the local [[Gym Leader]], [[Maylene]]. After a misunderstanding, Maylene assumes Chimler belongs to Platinum and wants to see him in their upcoming [[Gym]] battle. The next day Chimler battled against Maylene's {{p|Riolu}}. The two exchange a few attacks and Riolu gets the upper hand with its speed and lands a {{m|Force Palm}}. Riolu follows up by jumping onto Chimler, who blocks it. Although blocked, Riolu begins to use {{m|Drain Punch}} to steal his energy, forcing Platinum to switch him in. He is later sent back out to fight Riolu and it uses {{m|Rock Smash}} to scatter the field with rocks in order to hide Riolu. Platimun and Chimler manage to hit and knock out Riolu thanks to the Zoom Lens and Platinum's training at the Game Corner.
In ''[[PS359|Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank II]]'', Chimler fought against some {{tc|Galactic Grunt}}s in order to stop them from capturing Platinum. He starts by using Ember to attack a {{p|Skuntank}}, impressing [[Paka and Uji]]. With their advice Tru uses {{m|Stealth Rock}} to assist Chimler by making a platform for him to reach the middle of the battle. Chimler uses a spinning Ember, defeating the group of {{p|Staravia}}. The two then evolve into {{p|Infernape}} and {{p|Torterra}} and the group flees to the top of a building with a satellite dish on top of it. With Paka and Uji's guidance Chimler attacks wildly with Ember and Tru attacks with {{m|Earthquake}}, causing the satellite dish to fall on top of the Grunts. Pearl then realizes that Chimler's random attacks forced the Grunts into the spot behind the satellite and weakened it at the same time. With Tru's Earthquake knocking it down the Grunts had nowhere to run, trapping them.