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==={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}===
[[File:Chimler Chimchar.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Chimchar]]
Chimler first appeared in ''[[PS338|Stagestruck Starly]]'', as one of the three Pokémon given to {{adv|Platinum}} from [[Professor Rowan]]. Platinum sends him out of his [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} alongside [[Tru|Turtwig]] and gives him a [[Pokédex]] for her bodyguards (who will arrive wearing red and green mufflers), and instructs him to give it to whichever one he likes. Matching the description, Chimchar chooses {{adv|Pearl}} as his {{pkmn|Trainer}} and gives him the Pokédex. Right after that, a flock of {{p|Starly}} appear and begin attacking the group, which results in the three starters fighting and defeating them.
In ''[[PS344|Belligerent Bronzor]]'', Chimler battled against [[Mars]] and her {{p|Zubat}} at the [[Valley Windworks]]. Using his superior speed, Chimler quickly defeated the Bat Pokémon.