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'''Snagem Hideout''' (Japanese: '''スナッチ団のアジト''' ''Team Snatch Hideout'') is a location in [[Orre]]. It is the main base of the criminal[[villainous syndicateteams|villainous]] [[Team Snagem]]. According to an early news report in [[Pokémon Colosseum]], it is located in a part of Orre known as [[Eclo Canyon]].
At the start of Pokémon Colosseum, the base is partly destroyed by [[Wes]] in a series of explosions, destroying a large [[Snag Machine]] and wrecking much of the base. [[Gonzap]]'s office seems to be the least affected area. Later in the game, some remnants of both [[Cipher]] and Team Snagem, as well some other Trainers, gather at the Hideout. A {{pkmn2|Shadowspoilers}} {{p|Smeargle}} and a Shadow {{p|Ursaring}} can be snagged here from two Team Snagem members after defeating the boss of Cipher.
At the start of [[Pokémon Colosseum]], the base is heavily damaged by the {{player}} as they steal the only portable [[Snag Machine]] and destroy the bigger one, detonating several bombs placed around the building during their theft and escape. During the post-game, it acts as a gathering place for [[Shadow Pokémon]] {{pkmn|Trainer}}s who cannot be [[rematch]]ed during the main game.
In [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]], the Snagem Hideout is still in severe disrepair from Wes'sthe sabotage five years ago, but is still in use by Team Snagem. [[Michael]]The goesplayer heremust toenter retrieveit hisin Snagorder Machineto fromreclaim Gonzap after it getstheir stolen fromSnag him by Snagem membersMachine.
===In Pokémon Colosseum===
AfterDespite defeatingthe [[Evice]]{{player}} and [[Credits|completingleaving the mainSnagem storyline]],Hideout [[Wes]]at returnsthe tostart of the Snagemgame, Hideoutit tocannot defeatbe visited until the remainingpost-game, [[Teamwhere Snagem]]the membersplayer andmust snagvisit moreit ofat theirleast [[Shadow Pokémon]]twice. Wes'sThe ultimatefirst goaltime isthey visit it to defeatfollow [[Gonzap]]a tolead finishon hisa quest{{tc|Cipher toPeon}} stopwith a {{pkmn2|Shadow}} [[CipherJohto]] and [[Teamstarter SnagemPokémon]] forthat good.they Afterdidn't his[[snagging|snagged]] defeat, Gonzap retreats and is not seen again untilin [[Pokémon XD: Gale ofPhenac DarknessCity]].
===InAfter the Johto starter has been snagged, the player will soon be informed of rumors about the big Snag Machine being repaired, promoting them to revisit the hideout again. During this return visit, the player can snag two previously unavailable Shadow Pokémon, XD:a Gale{{p|Smeargle}} and an {{p|Ursaring}}, and rematch Snagem Head [[Gonzap]]. Battling Gonzap allows the player to claim the [[D-Disk]], which is required to access the [[Deep Colosseum]] and progress the post-game plot. It is also revealed that the big Snag Machine has been destroyed beyond repair and the fake rumors were merely a plan hatched by Gonzap to lure the player into returning to the hideout and get revenge on him for betraying the team at the start of Darkness===the game.
The {{player}} goes to the hideout after receiving intelligence regarding its location from [[Hordel]], with the intent of retrieving his stolen [[Snag Machine]]. After walking through the entrance, he is attacked by [[Agrev]], who wants to see if the player has what it takes to join Team Snagem. As the player progresses, he finds that Team Snagem is holding a recruitment drive to find new members and restore Team Snagem to its former glory.
AsMost theShadow playerPokémon approaches Gonzap's office, he battles another returning Snagem member from Colosseum, [[Biden]],Trainers who wascannot onebe ofrematched the membersduring the playermain metgame atalso theappear ruins of the [[S.S. Libra]]. After defeating himhere, the player proceeds to the office, where he overhears Gonzap yelling at [[Wakin]], complaining the Snag Machine is too small to fit his large arms. The two soon noticeallowing the player, and Wakin attacks. After fending his crony off, an impressed Gonzap tries to recruitbattle thethem playeragain intoin Teamcase Snagemthey to take on [[Cipher]] together. He reveals his plan wasfailed to stealsnag all of Cipher'stheir Shadow Pokémon, causing it to collapse. When the player refuses, Gonzap offers to give back the Snag Machine if he can beat himearlier.
The===In playerPokémon defeatsXD: Gonzap, and as promised, the headGale of Team Snagem returns the Snag Machine to him, concluding that the two of them are fighting for the same goal. He also gives the player [[Gonzap's Key|a key]], which unlocks an item chest containing {{TM|30|Shadow Ball}}.Darkness===
The player must visit the Snagem Hideout in order to get back the Snag Machine stolen from them by [[Wakin]] at the [[S.S. Libra]]. Upon reaching Gonzap's office, the player sees Gonzap berating Wakin that the Snag Machine is too small for him, before being forced to battle Wakin and Gonzap in succession. Once Gonzap has been defeated, he will return the Snag Machine to the player, admitting that both of them are aiming for the same goal, as Team Snagem is seeking to get revenge on [[Cipher]] for abandoning their alliance with them.
After [[Credits|completing the main storyline]], the Snagem Hideout can be entered two ways: through the hole in the front left wall or through the main entrance. Inside the building is an assortment of debris presumed to be from Wes' activities several years earlier. Entering through the main entrance the player is met by Agrev who mentions that Gonzap and Wakin came back but left again without informing him where they were headed. Past Agrev and to the right is a room with a Healing Machine in it and the door to continue on. Going through this door leads the player to an item box and the staircase to the second floor.
On the second floor going south from the stairs, the hall forks. To the right leads the player to a set of stairs going back down and to the south leads to a staircase to the third floor.
Back on the first floor one finds a hallway going to the front of the building, a staircase back to the second floor and an item box behind that staircase. Following that staircase leads to what once was Gonzap's office but is now abandoned and an item box.
OnGonzap will also give the thirdplayer floor[[Gonzap's areKey|a threekey]] Trainersto anda twolocked [[item]] boxeschest andon eventually1F backafter tobeing thedefeated, left entrance toallowing the Snagemplayer Onobtain the way[[TM]] backhidden outside there are three Trainers and two iteminside boxesit.
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