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Snagem Hideout

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'''Snagem Hideout''' (Japanese: '''スナッチ団のアジト''' ''Team Snatch Hideout'') is a location in [[Orre]]. It is, quite obviously, the main base of the criminal syndicate [[Team Snagem]]. According to an early news report in [[Pokémon Colosseum]], it is located in a part of Orre known as [[Eclo Canyon]].
At the start of Pokémon Colosseum, the base is partly destroyed by [[Wes]] in a series of explosions, destroying a large [[Snag Machine]] and wrecking much of the base. [[Gonzap]]'s office seems to be the least affected area. Later in the game, some remnants of both [[Cipher]] and Team Snagem, as well some other Trainers, gather at the Hideout. A {{pkmn2|Shadow}} {{p|Smeargle}} and a Shadow {{p|Ursaring}} can be snagged here from two Team Snagem members after defeating the boss of Cipher.
===Pokémon Colosseum===
If a Trainer's [[Shadow Pokémon]] Trainer's Shadow Pokémon wasn't [[snagging|snagged]] during the main game, it will replace the last Pokémon in their [[party]] here. They can be [[rematch]]ed until their Shadow Pokémon has been snagged.
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