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:''"Wild Pokémon do sometimes attack people if they get close, but catch 'em and they'll join your team and be a great help to you, yeah!"''
:''"But if your Pokémon get all tuckered out by fighting for you, just head home for a bit. If you ask your mom, I'm sure she'll let you and your whole team rest up at home. Or you could use some [[Potion]]s!"''
:''"Here're some {{i|Poké BallsBall}}s and Potions to get you started out."''
:''"Why don't you have a little adventure of your own on the way to Iki Town, yeah? Take good care of <player>, <starter Pokémon>!"''
::'''Popplio''': ''"Popplio works hard and makes some pretty awesome balloons!"'' ''"So, you wanna go with the Water-type Pokémon Popplio?"''
::'''If the player selected "No" on the second question''': ''"I know the feeling, cousin... I had a real hard time choosing once, too."''
:''"So you went with <starter Pokémon>! Woo, what a fine-looking team you two are! Now that you can have Pokémon battles, you're what we call a [[Pokémon Trainer]]! Here's a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} for <starter Pokémon>, too. It should feel nice and cozy in there."''
:''"All right! Then let's get going up to Iki Town, <player>. Woo! Time to meet the {{color|F00|Island Kahuna}}!"''
::'''Regardless of choice''': ''"Truth is, that partner <starter Pokémon> of yours is a {{pkmn2|gift}} from the kahuna, not me. So let's go show it off and say a proper thank- you, cousin. It may not be the only gift you get! In case you hadn't heard, the kahunas are all crazy-strong Pokémon Trainers. Be careful about getting into a battle with one!"''