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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
==={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}===
In ''[[DP001|Following a Maiden's Voyage!]]'', Pikachu was temporarily separated from Ash thanks to yet another plot by Team Rocket. Eventually, in ''[[DP002|Two Degrees of Separation!]]'', {{an|Dawn}} found Pikachu and tried to catch him, but failed since he already had a Trainer. She also protected him from Team Rocket and managed to blast Team Rocket off alongside with him. Pikachu was eventually reunited with Ash in ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]''. Later, he was used as Ash's final Pokémon in a battle against Ash's new rival, [[Paul]], and his {{TP|Paul|Elekid}}. PikachuThe startedheated offbattle usingproved Thunderbolt,to but Elekid simply absorbed the attack and then launchedbe a powerfulsurprisingly Thundereven at him. Pikachu then used Volt Tacklematch, butas Elekidboth blocked the attack using Protect, causing him to take recoil damage. Pikachu, however, managed to get up and used Iron Tail, which was countered by Elekid's {{m|Brick Break}}. As the two movesPokémon were colliding,eventually Paulleft mentionedso Elekidexhausted still had one free arm and ordered it to hit Pikachu with Thunder Punch. Pikachu, however, managed to block Thunder Punch with Iron Tail and then hit Elekid hard. Elekid then managed to hit Pikachu with one more Brick Break, but as both Pokémon were exhaustedthat they both fell downcollapsed, resulting in the battle inbeing declared a tie.
In ''[[DP004|Dawn of a New Era!]]'', Ash used Pikachu to battle [[Nando's Budew]]. Pikachu started off using Quick Attack. Budew tried countering with {{m|Bullet Seed}}, but Pikachu avoidedDuring the attack and hit Budew hard. Pikachu then got hit by Budew's {{m|Mega Drain}}battle, restoring some of Budew's health. Pikachu then used Thunderbolt, dealing much damage to Budew. Budew then surprised everyone by evolvingevolved into {{p|Roselia}}., Roseliawhereupon it used {{m|Sunny Day}} and followed up with Solar Beam. Pikachu, however, managed to dodge Solarthe Beamattack and defeateddefeat Roselia with a powerful Iron Tail.
[[File:Ash and Pikachu DP080.png|thumb|left|220px|Pikachu and Ash in the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}]]
In ''[[DP016|A Gruff Act to Follow]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his second Pokémon in his first Sinnoh Gym battle against [[Roark]] and his {{TP|Roark|Cranidos}}., Pikachuwhile startedPaul offobserved usingfrom Thunderboltthe sidelines. Initially, butPikachu Cranidoswas dodgedoverwhelmed itby andCranidos's usedattacks {{m|Zenand Headbutt}}speed. PikachuWhen stoppedPaul thegot attackup withto Iron Tail. Howeverleave, Cranidosbelieving wasAsh ablehad toalready withstandlost, thePikachu attacksuddenly andshowed usedhis Headbutt.strength Althoughby Pikachuletting managedoff toa dodgepowerful andelectric attemptedattack toin usethe Thunderboltair, Cranidoscausing still managedPaul to scorestay. aAs directthe hitbattle on him.continued, Pikachu thenused triedVolt to use Thunderbolt againTackle, butwhile Cranidos used Zen{{m|Head HeadbuttSmash}}; tothe stopcollision himof andthese thenattacks usedcaused anothersevere Headbuttdamage to knockboth himPokémon, forcing Ash to therecall groundPikachu. WhenHe Paullater gotsent upPikachu out again to leave,battle believingRoark's Onix. Ash had already lost, Pikachu suddenlyuse showedThunderbolt hison strengththe bybattlefield, lettingcausing offrocks ato powerfulbe electric attacklaunched in the air,. causingOnix Paultried toheading stay.forwards Asusing the battle continuedDouble-Edge, Pikachubut usedcouldn't Quickdue Attack,to while Cranidos usedthe Flamethrowerrocks. Pikachu dodgedthen theheaded attacktowards andOnix hitusing CranidosQuick withAttack, Ironbut Tail.Onix Cranidosquickly thencountered usedwith {{m|Head SmashScreech}},. whileDespite Pikachutrying counteredto withstill Voltmove Tackle.forwards, ThePikachu collisionwas ofoverwhelmed theseby attacksthe causedattack muchand damageblasted toaway, bothknocking Pokémon.him Notout wantingand Pikachu to take any more damage,losing Ash recalledthe himbattle.
Later, Pikachu was sent out again to battle Roark's Onix. Pikachu used Iron Tail, which was countered by Onix's Slam. Ash then came up with an idea and had Pikachu use Thunderbolt on the battlefield, causing rocks to be launched in the air. Onix tried heading forwards using Double-Edge, but couldn't due to the rocks. Pikachu then headed towards Onix using Quick Attack, but Onix quickly recovered and countered with {{m|Screech}}. Despite trying to still move forwards, Pikachu was overwhelmed by the attack and was blasted away, knocking him out and making Ash lose the battle.
In ''[[DP018|O'er the Rampardos We Watched!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's first Pokémon used in his rematch against Roark, where he faced Roark's Onix again. Pikachu used Quick Attack to climb onto Onix's body, after dodging a Slam. Onix tried to stop Pikachu using Screech, but failed and Pikachueventually managed to reach Onix's head. Despite trying to shake Pikachu off, Onix gotwas hit by a super-effective Iron Tail. OnixPikachu then went for Double-Edge with Pikachu heading straight towards Onix. At the last moment, however, Pikachu used his newly learned spin technique to dodge thea retaliatory attack and wenteventually fordefeated anotherit. IronPikachu Tail.was Onix,recalled however,when managedRoark tosent dodgeout andhis hitGeodude, Pikachuonly hardto withbe Slam.sent Onixout thento usedbattle Roark's {{mp|Stealth RockRampardos}},. butDespite the moveactivation was countered byof Pikachu's Thunderbolt,Static preventingAbility itduring fromthe beingbattle, executedRampardos aswas wellable asto damaginghit Onix.him Pikachuhard thenwith used Iron Tail and while Onix tried countering withZen ScreechHeadbutt, heknocking managed to outspeed the Rock Snake Pokémon and defeated it. Pikachu was recalled when Roark senthim out his Geodude.
Pikachu was later sent out to battle Roark's {{p|Rampardos}}. Pikachu used Thunderbolt, but Rampardos dodged and went for Zen Headbutt. Pikachu tried dodging the attack using his spin technique again, but still got hurt in the process. He then used Quick Attack, while Rampardos countered with Headbutt. Pikachu managed to avoid Headbutt by spinning head over heels, but got thrown in the air by Rampardos's tail. Pikachu then headed down using Iron Tail with Rampardos countering with Zen Headbutt. This caused Pikachu's Static to activate, but it was cancelled out by Rampardos's {{a|Mold Breaker}}. Rampardos then hit Pikachu hard with Zen Headbutt, knocking him out.
In ''[[DP026|Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a battle against {{si|Kenny}} and his {{TP|Kenny|Prinplup}}. Pikachu started off using Thunderbolt, but the attack was blocked by Prinplup's Metal Claw. Prinplup then used Drill Peck, but Pikachu managed to dodge the attack by spinning and hit Prinplup with Iron Tail, sending it to the ground. Prinplup, however, used Bubble Beam to create a cushion to land safely. Pikachu and Prinplup then clashed with Iron Tail and Metal Claw. The battle was then interrupted by Team Rocket.