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Kanto Battle Frontier
====Kanto Battle Frontier====
In ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]'', Ash used Pikachu in his battle against [[Elite Four]] [[Agatha]], and her {{TP|Agatha|Gengar}} at the [[Viridian Gym]]. Pikachu started off using Quick AttackEventually, but failed since Gengar was a {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon. It was too fast for Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but after dodging a Shadow Ball, Pikachu was able to hit Gengar with an Iron Tail. Gengar then countered, and hit Pikachu with Shadow Ball, but Pikachu was able to climb on the Shadow Ball and went for Iron Tail. However, Gengar was able to prevent Pikachu from using Iron Tail with Double Team. Pikachu was able to destroy all the copies with Thunderbolt, as well as hit Gengar with it. Then, he dodged a Shadow Ball, and hit Gengar with Iron Tail. Whenwhen Pikachu was about to finish Gengar off with Thunder, Gengar used {{m|Hypnosis}}, putting him to sleep. Gengar then proceeded to defeat him with {{m|Dream Eater}}. Afterwards, he helped to defeat Team Rocket along with Agatha's {{p|Golbat}}. Later on, Ash decided to enter the [[Kanto]] {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} along with Pikachu, and his other Pokémon. He was later reunited with Misty, when he and Ash returned to Pallet Town.
In ''[[AG150|May's Egg-Cellent Adventure]]'', while battling Team Rocket's mecha, he used Quick Attack, which morphed into {{m|Volt Tackle}}, easily destroying the mecha and blasting Team Rocket off. Despite this, Pikachu couldn't master the move. After lots of {{pkmn|training}}, Pikachu was finally able to master Volt Tackle in ''[[AG155|The Green Guardian]]'', using the move to blast Team Rocket off, and saving a wild {{p|Celebi}}.
In ''[[AG158|Queen of the Serpentine!]]'', whenwhile going to the [[Battle Pike]], Pikachu was captured by Team Rocket using their fake Battle Pike until he was rescued by {{FB|Pike Queen|Lucy}}, and her {{TP|Lucy|Seviper}} from the real Battle Pike. Later, Ash used Pikachu as his second and last Pokémon in his Battle Pike challenge against Lucy and her Milotic. Pikachu used ThunderboltEventually, but Lucy had Milotic take the attack, and countered with Hydro Pump. Both Pokémon then used Iron Tail, but Milotic managed to overpower Pikachu. Pikachu's Quick Attack was then countered by Twister, and he was then hit by Hydro Pump. Milotic used Iron Tail, but Pikachu countered with Volt Tackle, blocking Iron Tail, and paralyzing Milotic. Then, Pikachu used Quick Attack, but Milotic countered with a {{m|Facade}}, and since Milotic was paralyzed, its power was doubled, dealing major damage to Pikachu. Ash then had Pikachu use Thunderbolt on himself. As Milotic was about to end the match with Twister, Ash had Pikachu, who was boosted by Thunderbolt, jump into the Twister. Inside the Twister, Pikachu began spinning and used Volt Tackle, increasing his power, and proceeded to knock Milotic out, winning Ash the battle and earning him the [[Symbol#List of Symbols|Luck Symbol]].
In ''[[AG159|Off the Unbeaten Path]]'', Pikachu was chosen as Ash's partner in the [[Pokémon Orienteering]] held in [[Potpourri Island]]. In the end, however, the competition was won by James and his {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}}.
In ''[[AG169|Talking a Good Game!]]'', Pikachu was the third Pokémon to battle against {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}}. He went up against her Alakazam, who had already defeated Ash's previous two Pokémon. Pikachu eventually managed to hitdefeat Alakazam with Thunderbolt, but Alakazam nullified the damage using Recover. Then, both Pokémon started exchanging Iron Tail and {{m|Focus Punch}} attacks, and then hit each other with Thunderbolt and Psybeam. Ash then ordered Pikachu to use Volt Tackle, but Pikachu ran straight towards the wall due to Psybeam's confusion effect. However, Pikachu managed to snap out of the confusion, after Ash had saved it, and managed to overpower Alakazam's Psybeam with Thunderbolt, defeating it. He went up against Metagross next. Metagross managed to sentsend Pikachu's Thunderbolt back at him using Psychic, dealing major damage. As Pikachu went for Quick Attack, Metagross used Iron Defense to deflect the attack, and hit Pikachu hard with {{m|Meteor Mash}}. Pikachu then used Volt Tackle, but Metagross fired a Hyper Beam, which defeated Pikachu, losing Ash the battle.
In [[AG170|the next episode]], Pikachu was used in Ash's rematch against Anabel, this time facing her {{p|Espeon}}. Espeon proved to have great speed and power, dodging Pikachu's attacks, and afterwards, immediately hithitting Pikachu with its own attacks. After getting hit by Espeon's Quick Attack and Iron Tail, Ash had Pikachu use Thunderboltafterwards. Espeon's Zap Cannon managed to overpower Pikachu's attackHowever, and hit him hard. Pikachu tried Thunderbolt once again, but it was avoided. Espeon countered with Psychic, smashing Pikachu togained the ceiling,upper causinghand Pikachuwhen to fall down hard. However, Pikachu managed to land on his feet, andhe used Quick Attack. Espeon used Psychic againThunderbolt to stop Pikachu, and lifted him in the air. Pikachu managed to bounce offdisable the ceiling, and landed on one of the stadium's lights. Pikachu then used Thunderbolt, causingtemporarily the lights to turn off, blockingblinding Espeon's vision. Unable to see anything, Espeon was hit by Pikachu's next Thunderbolt. Pikachu then managed to avoid several Zap Cannon attacks, and hit Espeon again with Thunderbolt. Just as the lights turned on again, Pikachu jumped down and hit Espeon hard with his Iron Tail. He then rushed towards Espeon using Volt Tackle. Despite trying to stop Pikachu using Zap Cannon, the attack missed and Espeon got [[Fainting|knocked out]] by the powerful attack. This gave Ash the win, and earned him the [[Symbol#List of Symbols|Ability Symbol]].
In ''[[AG189|Gathering the Gang of Four!]]'', in preparation for Ash's rematch against {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} for his final frontierFrontier symbolSymbol, Pikachu reunited with Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard for training. Using Quick Attack to round up leaves created by Squirtle's {{m|Rapid Spin}} and Bulbasaur's {{m|Vine Whip}}, they were able to make a den to sleep. Although he got in a fight with the other Pokémon, they later calmed down. The next day, they all continued to train. Pikachu was later captured by Team Rocket, but was rescued thanks to the efforts ofby Ash and the other Pokémon. They then combined their attacks to send Team Rocket blasting off. Afterwards, they met up with Brandon again, and he agreed to have a four-on-four rematch with Pikachu and the other Pokémon at the [[Battle Pyramid]].
Pikachu was the fourth and final Pokémon used in Ash's Battle Pyramid challenge against Pyramid King Brandon in ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]''. After Charizard, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Brandon's first three Pokémon were eliminated from the match, Pikachu was pitted against [[Brandon's Regice]]. Ash first had Pikachu used ThunderboltEventually, but Regice seemedcreated unfazedice by the attack. Then, Regice counteredpillars with Blizzard. Pikachu quickly recovered, and used Iron Tail, but was unable to land since he had to dodge the Iceberg Pokémon's Ice Beam. Regice used Ice Beam again to counter Pikachu's Quick Attack, and despitetrapping Pikachu managing to dodge the attack again, the whole battle field got frozen in the process. This made Regice to move even quicker, while making it harder for Pikachu to move. As Regice was about to hit Pikachu with a Focus Punch, Pikachu was able to hit Regice with Thunderbolt, stunning it. This allowed Pikachu to hit Regice with a super-effective Iron Tail. However, Regice quickly recovered and used Ice Beam, creating ice pillars, which trapped Pikachu. With Pikachu being unable to do anything, Regicethen used Rest to heal itself completely. Despite Pikachu managing to escapeescaping using Iron Tail, Regice was able to wake up before Pikachu could attack it and hit him with an Ice Beam, effectively {{status|Freeze|freezing}} him. While Ash was yelling words of encouragement, the referee began to declare Pikachu unable to battle. However, Pikachu managed to thaw out using Thunderbolt, while also hitting Regice in the process. Regice then hit Pikachu with Focus PunchSoon, sending Pikachu bouncing across the ice field. However, Pikachu used this to his advantage and bounced back to Regice toreused hit it with two consecutive Iron Tails. However, Regice was still standing, and managed to trap Pikachu again betweenits ice pillarspillar using Ice Beamstrategy, and started to rest up again.but Pikachu escaped again using Iron Tail, and charged towards Regice while using Volt Tackle. Regice managed to awakeawaken in time again, and started using Ice Beam to stop Pikachu. However, Pikachu was alert, and dodged the attack, hitting Regice with a powerful Volt Tackle, finally knocking the {{pkmn|category|Iceberg Pokémon}} out. This gave Ash the win, and finally earnedearning him his last Symbol, [[Symbol#List of Symbols|Brave Symbol]].
[[File:Ash Pikachu contest.png|thumb|220px|Pikachu performing in a Pokémon Contest]]
In ''[[AG191|Once More With Reeling]]'', Ash used Pikachu in the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] of the [[Terracotta Town]] [[Pokémon Contest]], an informal event not sanctioned by the [[Pokémon Activities Committee]]. He used Quick Attack and Thunderbolt at the same time to create electrical rings, and then sent them off with Iron Tail. When they collided, it created a firework-like effect. This performance allowed Ash to proceed to the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].
In ''[[AG192|Home is Where the Start Is!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in a friendly battle against {{Gary}}, who used his powerful {{TP|Gary|Electivire}}, a Pokémon from the [[Sinnoh]] region. Both Pokémon used Thunderbolt and were evenly matched.Then, Pikachu used Quick Attack, but it was avoided by Electivire. Both Pokémon then used Iron Tail, but they were evenly matched. Pikachu usedAfter a closehard-fought range Thunderboltbattle, which Electivire dodged by jumping. However, this was what Ash wanted, and had Pikachu use Volt Tackle since it was noweventually defenseless. Suddenly, Electivire blocked the attack with {{m|Protect}}, damaging Pikachu due to recoil. Electivire then launched its powerful Thunder Punch, defeating Pikachudefeated. Later, Pikachu went with Ash to Sinnoh, intending for himmeant to be the only Pokémon to go with him, as he left his other Pokémon at Professor Oak's laboratory. However, {{AP|Aipom}} snucksneaked onaboard their ship, and Ash surprised at first,eventually allowed her to accompany them to Sinnoh.
==={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}===