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Some time after arriving in [[Ultra Space]], Lunala got separated from Moon and Sun. At some point, it came in contact with the [[Ultra Recon Squad]], who used Lunala to traverse through Ultra Space via [[Ultra Warp Ride]]. At the [[Ultra Deep Sea]], Lunala reunited with Sun and Moon, who had been trapped in the area for six months. After agreeing to work together, Sun, Moon, and [[Zossie]] rode on Lunala's back so they could return to Alola. [[Dulse]] stayed behind as Lunala couldn't carry more than three people on it. Zossie taught Sun how to use Ultra Warp Ride and told him and Moon about the various worlds the Ultra Beasts come from. After passing through an Ultra Wormhole, the three arrived at the Ultra Recon Squad's home world, the [[Ultra Megalopolis]].
Shortly after landing, a {{p|Stakataka}} appeared, hoping to battle with Necrozma. After it captured Sun, Stakataka attacked Moon, but she was protected by Lunala. Moon commanded Lunala to battle against Stakataka, but it was unable to use its full strength without risking Sun's safety. By firing an arrow at the [[Zygarde Cube]] in Sun's bag, Moon released several {{padv|Zygarde}} {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|Cells}} that stuck onto Stakataka's eyes, blinding it and allowing Lunala to easily finish it off. The battle alerted Necrozma, who released Solgaleo and leapt from the [[Megalo Tower]] to try and absorb Lunala as well. Lunala tried fighting back, but was overpowered. Sun and Moon sent out their Pokémon to help, but were stopped by Lusamine. Eventually, Lunala was absorbed by Necrozma, causing the latter to become its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|Dawn Wings}} form.