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Mew (Pokémon)

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Trivia: The trademark belonged to the Yokohama Rubber Company and was for a katakana rendering of the Greek letter, although it was later transferred to GF in 1999
* Mew (then spelled ミュー, not ミュウ) was the first Pokémon trademark ever registered (granted on March 31, 1994, registration number 2636685 part 12), before even Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター), which was granted on December 26, 1997.
** ミュウ was registered on August 6, 1999, registration number 4302090.
* Mew is also the first Pokémon trademark ever applied for; the application was submitted on May 9, 1990, application number 平2-51989; before even Pocket Monsters, which was submitted September 11, 1995.
** ミュウ was submitted on June 17, 1997, application number 平9-128909.