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Functions of non-player characters
NPCs also supply the player with free [[item]]s once, or with Pokémon in an [[in-game trade]] or as [[gift Pokémon|gifts]]. Sometimes, these cannot be received in another manner without trading. Several NPCs hand out items on a daily basis, such as the [[Berry Master]]s of [[Hoenn]] and [[Sinnoh]].
The final typical variety of non-player characters is of those who compete or battle with the player, including [[villainous teams]], the player's [[rival]](s), [[Gym Leader]]s, and the [[Elite Four]]. This interaction may occur in {{pkmn|Contest}}s or {{pkmn|Musical}}s; or {{pkmn|battle}}s in [[route]]s between cities, [[Gym]]s, the [[Pokémon League]], or [[Battle Tower]]s, for example.
In the [[core series]] games, many non-battling NPCs are typically characterized by their tendency to move one step in a random direction every few moments.
==Important non-player characters==