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Kyogre (Pokémon)

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Kyogre may be modeled after the Earth's oceans and may be basedan on the Hebrew legendsimpersonation of {{wp|Leviathan}}, the unconquerableocean. primalIt's masterconflict ofwith theGroudon sea.may Itsbe counterpartsbased wereon that of {{wp|Behemoth}} and {{wp|ZizLeviathan}}. Justwho aswould Kyogrestart isa inbattle conflictthat withwould Groudon,kill itthem was said thatboth at the end of time. LeviathanLike andKyogre, BehemothLeviathan wouldis startassociated awith battlethe thatsea, wouldand kill them both. Thethe Hebrew word for Leviathan is now used for whales in modern Hebrew, which may be why Kyogre's appearance also draws inspiration from whales, especially the {{wp|orca}}. However, Leviathan does not resemble Kyogre in traditional depictions.
====Name origin====