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Seismic Toss (move)

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[[File:Seismic Toss PBR globe.png|256px|thumb|right|The globe in Battle Revolution's animation.]]
* In the anime, while using Seismic Toss, Pokémon using the move are commonly depicted circling the globe, and, in the [[Generation II]], Pokemon Battle Revolution and, [[Generation VI|VI]], and [[Generation VII|VII]] games, a globe is shown as part of the animation. This is due to the Japanese name of the move being ''Earth Throw''.
* In the first few seasons of the {{pmin|the Netherlands|Dutch}} dub, Seismic Toss was called '''aardbeving''', which is actually Dutch for {{m|Earthquake}}.
** Similarly, in the Rival Destinies season of Latin America dub, Seismic Toss was called '''Tiro Vital''', which is actually the Spanish name for {{m|Vital Throw}}.