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[[File:Ash Rain Badge.png|thumb|220px|Ash holding the Rain Badge]]
{{TRT}} was also impressed by Juan and they decided to steal his Pokémon, but Juan managed to send them blasting off with minimum effort. After that, Ash approached Juan saying he would like to have a battle with him, and once Juan agreed, the group was taken to the Gym on a boat. While on their way to the Sootopolis Gym, the group discovered that Juan is a former winner of the [[Grand Festival]], andhaving received the [[Ribbon Cup]] recipientand the title of [[Top Coordinator]] years ago. They also learned why he [[Type expert|specializes]] in Water-type Pokémon.
When they got to the Gym, they were greeted by {{ho|Sebastian}}, Juan's butler and assistant, who explained to Ash the rules of the Sootopolis Gym. The Gym battle is divided into four rounds; the first is a [[Double Battle]] held in a large swimming pool with floating platforms and the other three are Single Battles conducted in a battlefield resembling a lake surrounded by land. Ash won the battle in ''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough!]]'', earning the {{Badge|Rain}}, his eighth [[Hoenn]] Badge overall, which allowed him to compete in the [[Ever Grande Conference]]. After that the group left for [[Pacifidlog Town]], site of an upcoming [[Pokémon Contest]] which May wanted to enter in order to obtain her fifth [[Ribbon]].