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His next appearance was in ''[[AG061|Disaster of Disguise]]'', where he had a battle with [[Timmy Grimm|The Phantom]] and lost. He was planning to compete in the {{to|Verdanturf}} Contest, but after his Roselia got injured in a battle with The Phantom's {{p|Dusclops}}, he thought it would not be good enough to battle and decided not to participate. He was seen in the audience in ''[[AG062|Disguise Da Limit]]''.
In ''[[AG077|A Fan with a Plan]]'', Drew was revealed to own a {{p|Masquerain}}. He was seen practicing with it, and, in the''[[AG078|Cruisin' followingfor episodea Losin']]'', he used it to defeat [[Savannah]]'s {{p|Lairon}} in the finals of the [[Rank (Contest)|R1]] [[Rubello Town]] Pokémon Contest. This victory gave Drew his fourth Ribbon.
Drew appeared again in ''[[AG113|Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?]]'', where it was revealed that he had obtained his fifth Ribbon. When May showed him her four Ribbons, he told her that there was only one more Pokémon Contest to be held before the [[Grand Festival]], and criticized her for relying on luck and for not having strategies. May then challenged him to a battle, which was interrupted by Team Rocket's attempt to steal {{AP|Pikachu}}. Accidentally, Drew was pulled into Team Rocket's submarine along with the rest of {{ashfr|the group}}. When the submarine exploded, the entire group was blasted into the air. They fell in the {{gdis|Mirage Island|III}}, where they met a group of {{p|Wynaut}}.
Drew entered the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] in ''[[AG121|Hi Ho Silver Wind!]]'', where he sent out his Roselia to perform in the firstpreliminary Appeals Round. He received an excellent score that allowed him to pass to the secondnext stage. In the''[[AG122|Deceit followingand episodeAssist]]'', he used his Masquerain for the secondmain Appeals Round, and the performance given by the {{pkmn|category|Eyeball Pokémon}} put him in the Battle Round. In ''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'', he faced May in the quarterfinals of the competition. Using his Roselia and {{p|Flygon}}, he was able to defeat May, who was using her {{TP|May|Combusken}} and {{TP|May|Skitty}}. He made it all the way to the finals, where he battled against Robert for the title of [[Top Coordinator]]. However, just like in the Slateport Contest, Drew ended up losing to him.
[[File:Drew winning.png|thumb|220px|Drew celebrating a victory]]