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* There were a few technical issues with the anime's portrayal of a shuttle launch:
:First, the solid rocket boosters should not have separated until after they had finished firing. Otherwise, they would have gone up instead of down and wasted a lot of energy. The external tank should not have separated until the shuttle was nearly in orbit, and the engines should not have been firing when the shuttle was about to land.
* When [[Tate's Solrock]]'s {{m|Sandstorm}} fails to work on {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}, Liza says "Those {{t|Ground}} attacks just don't work against my Lunatone", obviously referring to Lunatone's [[Ability]] {{a|Levitate}}. However, Sandstorm is a {{type|Rock}} move, not Ground-type.
** It is correct, however, that Sandstorm would not hurt a Lunatone, due to it also being Rock-type.
[[File:AG099 Error.png|thumb|200px|right|Tate's miscolored hair bun]]
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