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* Details of this episode were actually made known in [[K-Zone]], a children's magazine, before any official Japanese episode listing.
* This episode shows how James and Carnivine met and possibly explains why Carnivine is so affectionate.
* [[Pokémon Ondo]] isand music from ''[[EP039|Pikachu's Goodbye]]'' are used as background music.
* The background music from ''[[EP039|Pikachu's Goodbye]]'' is also used in this episode.
* The diamond and pearl on the crown are references to {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}.
* The segment where Brock fantasizes about marrying Nurse Joy and his Croagunk marrying hers echoes that of a similar fantasy he had in ''[[EP165|Hassle in the Castle]]'' where he dreamed of marrying [[Dr. Anna|a woman]] while his {{TP|Brock|Zubat|Crobat}} married her {{p|Zubat}}. Coincidentally, both Croagunk and Zubat (now Crobat) are Brock's only {{t|Poison}} types.