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Major events
==Major events==
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Pyramid}} and meet [[Pyramid King Brandon]], the seventh and final [[Frontier Brain]].
* Ash is possessed by the evil spirit of the [[King of Pokélantis|King of the Pokélantis Empire]], which comes from thea stone sphere sealed in the Ancient Ruins, and Brandon agrees to {{pkmn|battle}} the King in order to save Ash.
* [[Ash'sBrandon Sceptile]]agrees fightsto {{DLpkmn|Brandon'sbattle}} legendarythe titans|Regirock|Brandon'sKing Regirock}}of Pokélantis in anorder unofficialto battlesave and losesAsh.
* [[Ash's Sceptile]] faces {{DL|Brandon's legendary titans|Regirock|Brandon's Regirock}} in an unofficial battle and loses.
* Brandon promises Ash an official battle, but it will not be for some time because he has business elsewhere.
* Ash sees {{an|Ho-Oh}} for the third time, while {{an|May}}, [[Max]], {{an|Brock}}, and [[Scott]] see Ho-Oh for the first time.