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Trials: USUM
===[[Melemele Island]]===
====Ilima's trial====
In this trial, the player must find and battle two Yungoos{{sup/7|SSUS}}/Alolan {{p|Rattata}}{{sup/7|MMUM}} and a {{p|Gumshoos}}{{sup/7|SSUS}}/Alolan {{p|Raticate}}{{sup/7|MMUM}}. Along the way, the player will face two {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s and battle one of them. Once defeated, the two grunts will help the player finish the trial.
* [[Trial Captain]]: [[Ilima]]
* Trial site: [[Verdant Cavern]]
* [[Totem Pokémon]]: {{p|Gumshoos}}{{sup/7|SSUS}}, [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{p|Raticate}}{{sup/7|MMUM}}
* Reward: [[Normalium Z]]
===[[Akala Island]]===
====Lana's trial====
This trial begins afterwith Lana leadsleading the player ontothrough Brooklet Hill, requesting an investigation into the trialcause siteof splashing water in the area. HavingUpon alreadyreaching traversedthe mostTotem's ofDen, Brookletthe Hillplayer andmust dealtdefeat withthe Totem Pokémon, twowhich Wishiwashiemerges onfrom the waysplashing towater in the center. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the trial site is merely in the Totem's Den, and the explicit trial consists of simply defeating the Totem Pokémon.
* [[Trial Captain]]: [[Lana]]
* Trial site: [[Brooklet Hill]]
====Mallow's trial====
In this trial, the player has to find four ingredients hidden in the trial site, and battle some Pokémon to retrieve them. After collecting all fourof them, thethey playerare hasused to combine the ingredientscreate to createan aroma that lures the Totem Pokemon.
* [[Trial Captain]]: [[Mallow]]
* Trial site: [[Lush Jungle]]
===[[Ula'ula Island]]===
====Sophocles's trial====
In this trial in {{g|Sun and Moon}}, the player has to help Sophocles open a security door by answering several audio questions and fighting Pokémon in between. After answering the last question, the player battles the Totem Pokémon. After defeating the Totem Pokémon, [[Molayne]] will also congratulate the player and gift them with a [[Steelium Z]].
In {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, the player has to help Sophocles lure out the Totem Pokémon by lining up {{p|Charjabug}} together to power a {{p|Vikavolt}}-shaped machine, and battling Pokémon between each power increase.
* [[Trial Captain]]: [[Sophocles]]
* Trial site: [[Hokulani Observatory]]
* [[Totem Pokémon]]: {{p|Vikavolt}}{{sup/7|SM}}/{{p|Togedemaru}}{{sup/7|USUM}}
* Reward: [[Electrium Z]]
====Vast Poni Canyon trial====
At the end of the Vast Poni Canyon, before the player can reach the Altar of the Sunne{{sup/7|SUS}}/Moone{{sup/7|MUM}}, the player must defeat a Totem Pokémon who guards the entry point. A {{p|Jangmo-o}} and a {{p|Hakamo-o}} will also assail the player before they reach the Totem Pokémon.
* Trial site: [[Vast Poni Canyon]]
* [[Totem Pokémon]]: {{p|Kommo-o}}