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Poni Island
In {{g|Sun and Moon}}, the player's experience with Poni Island's portion of the island challenge is a bit different than that of the other islands. While Poni Island does have a Trial Captain named [[Mina]], whom the player briefly meets, she does not have any trial for the player. Instead, Hapu's grand trial is the player's first challenge on Poni Island. After that, the player is confronted by a natural trial at the Vast Poni Canyon on their way to the [[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|S}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|M}}.
In {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, however, Mina has a trial ready for the player, and all the trials are done in a different order, starting with the Vast Poni Canyon trial, continuing with Mina's trial after the events surroundindsurrounding {{p|Necrozma}}, and concluding with the Hapu's grand trial, which has been moved to [[Exeggutor Island]].
====Vast Poni Canyon trial====
====Mina's trial====
In Mina's trial, appearing only in {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, the player begins by battling [[Mina]], who will reward the player with the Pink Petal upon winning. Next, she orders the player to defeat the other Captains in Alola and receive their Petals. Upon returning, Mina assembles the Petals into the Rainbow Flower, which summons the Totem Pokémon to her house.
* Trial site: [[Seafolk Village]]{{sup/7|USUM}}
* [[Totem Pokémon]]: {{p|Ribombee}}