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In the core series
| (App) || This entry is reserved for the different game-exclusive devices and features that assist the player in his or her {{pkmn|journey}}: [[Pokégear]]{{sup/2|GSC}}{{sup/4|HGSS}}, [[PokéNav]]{{sup/3|RSE}}, and [[P★DA]]{{sup/ss|Colo}}{{sup/ss|XD}}. This entry is absent until the device or feature has been obtained.
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| [[Save]] || This entry is always available, except in {{g|Colosseum}}, where [[Save|saving]] is instead done from a [[PC]]. In {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}, it can be accessed from the menu with the '''Y''' button.
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| Quick Link || Introduced in {{pkmn|Sun and Moon}}. This entry is absent until it has been obtained.