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Dub edits
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[2.B.A. Master]] (US DVD box set), [[What Kind of Pokémon Are You?]] (Pokémon TV)
* In the dub, Stella thinks Mr. Mime left because she was such a tough trainer. However, in the original, she thinks it left because she spoiled it too much. This loses a bit of character development from the original as she has to realize why it really left.
* The "Brock the Rock" joke was originally a reference to the Japanese proverb "reliable as a big ship". Misty jokes about the "rocks in his head" in the dub but just asks if he's OK in the original.
* Ash originally quotes the first two lines of Team Rocket's Japanese motto when unmasking himself from his Mr. Mime costume. Also, the jokes about how a mime should be acting like they're trapped in a bubble and shouldn't be able to talk were dub-added.
* Delia asks Mimey to help her son in both versions but doesn't bribe him with dessert in the original. Ash's response is also different: he believes Delia is taking over his duties as a Pokémon Trainer in the dub and believes Mimey is sucking up to Delia in the original.
* James introduces Team Rocket's new mecha in the original using a fast, TV announcer-like voice but in the dub he simply talks normally. Also, he didn't originally reference the fact that Ash stole his balloon.
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