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Taunt (move)

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Generation VI onwards
Taunt can now be reflected with {{m|Magic Coat}} and no longer affects {{m|Me First}}.
===Generation VI onwardsonward===
TauntPokémon nowith longer{{a|Oblivious}} worksor onunder the effect of {{a|Aroma Veil}} cannot become taunted. If a Pokémon with {{a|Oblivious}} oris thosetaunted under(such as if it gains the protectionAbility ofby an effect like {{m|Skill Swap}}, or is taunted by a Pokémon with an Ability like {{a|AromaMold VeilBreaker}}), it will be cured of Taunt.
Taunt can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Contest Spectacular combination]], causing certain moves ({{m|Counter}}, {{m|Destiny Bond}}, {{m|Grudge}}, {{m|King's Shield}}, {{m|Metal Burst}}, {{m|Mirror Coat}} and {{m|Spite}}) to give an extra three appeal points if used in the next turn.