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The Oddish/Paras count...
I'd also like to point out that it doesn't matter if there are 4 Oddish & 2 Paras or 3 Paras and 3 Oddish; the deck total equals 60 when added up.[[User:IM-T-MAN2|IM-T-MAN2]] ([[User talk:IM-T-MAN2|talk]]) 06:40, 20 August 2017 (UTC)
:That's what I like to call an "oops". =) When I was typing in the numbers, I think what happened is I accidentally typed 0034 instead of 003A in one spot in the data entry. A crucial error because both cards are in the deck, and it would explain why I only had two Paras in the deck. I actually went to do the count again and found myself making the same mistake, this time using a complete different card, which I realized doing a find/replace and comparing with what you pointed out. I now confirm it was correct as you originally had it for this one. I'm so glad the others are more nicely organized (and numerically in most cases) as, if they were all crazy like this one, it might have led to more errors on the part of both of us, so I'm happy they aren't all badly mixed up. =)
:Also, don't think it's a quarrel at all! If I make a mistake, I appreciate the error being pointed out to me. When the Rumble World data was my focus, I left a few unintended errors in my data, and the beauty of a Wiki is that errors found can be quickly corrected without having to ask staff to do it. Sometimes we can quickly verify our own errors, as well. So feel free to follow up behind my work and verify it's correct; this includes the deck data currently on my userpages, too. Go ahead and edit something that's wrong and I'll double-check it before doing anything with it so that the correct one gets posted.
Also, I am familiar with the Japanese site. There are actually errors there, as well. See for instance ('''You Can Do It Machop! Deck'''). They don't list a Professor Oak in the deck. They instead added an extra Bill. So again, errors happen, all we have to do is make sure we're using the right info, and check each other on it. It helps ensure everything is correct in the end. [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 15:40, 20 August 2017 (UTC)