Difference between revisions of "Multitype (Ability)"

(→‎In battle: From Gen 5 onward, Pokémon transformed into Arceus (which have Multitype) can be given a Plate or have a Plate taken from them. It's a property of Arceus, not the Ability. Same goes for Soak.)
If a Pokémon {{m|transform}}s into Arceus, the Pokémon will now be in the same form as the target Arceus, regardless of its own held item.
Multitype no longer has an effect on items; instead, item-manipulating effects cannot affect {{p|Arceus}} if they would cause it to hold a [[Plate]] or take a Plate it already holds.
{{m|Simple Beam}} and {{m|Entrainment}} fail if the target has the Ability Multitype. Multitype cannot be replaced by {{a|Mummy}}.