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Meanwhile, a Breloom in the forest is drawing a Floette in the dirt. He is also holding a bunch of flowers and appears to have three henchmen Beedrill. Noibat flies through the forest and ends up running into Breloom.
Squishy is sunbathing as usual, when Bonnie comes from behind and squishes it. The scene cuts back into the forest, and Breloom gets up. He looks around and finds his flowers, ruined by Noibat. Noibat apologizes, but the Beedrill surround him and Breloom is furious. He uses {{m|Poison TailPowder}} and Noibat cries out.
The gang hear him, and had their Pokémon return to their Poké Balls. Then, they run into the forest and find Noibat poisoned. Clemont is out of Antidotes and Pecha Berries to cure Noibat's poison, and everyone starts to worry. Thankfully, a passing Floette (probably the one Breloom drew) floats down and uses Aromatherapy. Serena opens her Pokédex and points it at Floette. Noibat is now healed of his poisoning.