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However, Floette turns away, disinterested. Then, Breloom is angry again and pulls her back. Bonnie realizes that Floette doesn't like him. As Breloom walks away, Ash notices that Noibat wants to save Floette. Noibat rushes in to attack, but Breloom easily dodges and Noibat runs into a tree. Floette is worried, but Noibat gets up to face Breloom again. This time, Breloom orders the Beedrill to stay out of the scene as he challenges Noibat to a one-on-one battle, deciding to put Floette at stake. Serena tells Ash to stop them, but he says he can't do anything.
Breloom starts with Bullet Seed Bomb, which Noibat counters with Supersonic. However, he could not see Breloom following up with Headbutt in the smoke and was hit. Noibat got back up but was tossed into the air by Sky Uppercut. Pikachu wants to help Noibat, but Hawlucha stops him. Ash says that Noibat must take Breloom on all by himself.
Team Rocket is still up in the tree. Jessie wonders what the gang is doing. Meowth tells her that there is a battle that they are watching. Jessie reminds them that they must execute their plan. Noibat charges at Breloom again, but still missed. Then, Breloom approaches with Cut, but Noibat manages to dodge it. Ash cheers him on as Noibat attacks Breloom on the leg. However, Breloom stretches himself to grab onto Noibat and charge with Headbutt. Noibat's condition wasn't very good. As Breloom prepared for another strike, Floette stopped him. Breloom doesn't want her interfering with their battle, but they end up trapped in a net. Team Rocket reveal themselves and say their motto.