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Plot: consistency of names
On top of the [[Lilycove Department Store]], {{Steven}} senses the clash between large powers happening in [[Sootopolis City]]. Steven wonders if [[Wallace]] and the others succeeded in their mission, but quickly realizes that the surge of power is just spreading throughout the region.
In [[New Mauville]], several young Trainers from [[Mauville City]] approach [[Wanda]] and {{adv|Riley}} to see the patient from [[Rustboro City]] that just arrived. WalleneWanda and Riley tell the children to be quiet, as the patient, [[Mr. Stone]], shouldn't be disturbed while in a coma. In his sleep, Mr. Stone begins to mutter out his son's name.
Back in [[Lilycove City]], Steven talks to the [[blind boy]] about the problem with translating the slab. The other members of the [[Elite Four]] continue to try and awaken {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}} with their Pokémon, but are unable to. Frustrated, they demand that Steven hurry up and tell them how to awaken the three Pokémon. With the {{key|III|Devon Scope}}, [[Phoebe]] tries to scan the slab.